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Here's the thing about people.

Updated: 6 days ago

Allow me to share a profound revelation with you.

Yesterday, during my live discussion at Taste & See Sundays, my friend Rico asked me how I manage my relationships, connections, and opportunities so effectively and how I've become a resourceful person in the eyes of many. When he asked the question, it was hard for me to receive it because, personally, I don't think I do well with stewarding my relationships. The desire is certainly there, however, it's been a significant struggle for me. But it's precisely in my weakness that I've realized God's grace is sufficient for me. His power is always perfect in weakness.

So to answer his question, I replied, "It's by the grace of God." It's not my own abilities, any secret formula, or a particular structure I follow, but the grace of God that has allowed me to be a person who can offer help and support to many and vice versa.

As we continued our conversation in front of the live audience at "Taste and See Sundays," we explored even deeper into this topic. I mentioned the significant trial and error that has marked my journey in dealing with people. I've lived and learned a great deal because I consider myself in the business of people. I've learned how to navigate the complexities of human relationships. But here's the key: how you navigate one person may not be how you navigate the next. Every individual is unique, and your approach to them should reflect that uniqueness.

Now, let's explore the heart of this revelation. As I shared my thoughts and experiences, a profound realization washed over me. It became clear that throughout my life's journey, I've witnessed God stripping away almost everything from me, until all that remained were the individuals I needed to navigate. People. The dynamics of my interactions, their expectations of me, and my expectations of them—these were the sole elements I had to contend with. And I must emphasize, that experience is a crucible of refinement, shaping me in ways words can scarcely capture.

In this journey, I've come to understand that you can't manage people—each person is an individual with their own thoughts and choices. Instead, you can manage yourself and how you relate and respond to people in order to achieve specific results and build enduring bonds. It's a subtle but vital shift in perspective, one that has made all the difference in my own growth and the richness of my connections.

I also discussed my ability to recognize the gifts and grace within others and how I've leveraged this skill to achieve certain results. While this is valuable, I forgot to emphasize something crucial during the live discussion with Rico. Here it is: I've sown many seeds in my life, and these seeds have taken different forms from person to person and situation to situation. I've been instrumental in solving numerous problems for people, by God's grace. Simultaneously, people have come to my aid in solving my own challenges, again, by the grace of God.

So, here's the truth: I'm a problem solver, and problem solvers attract both problems and solutions. And guess what? People are the ones who carry both.

I've come to understand that the God in me responds to the God in you, and vice versa. I make an effort to see people the way God sees them to the best of my ability. In doing so, it becomes easier for them to see me the way God sees me. It's a beautiful reciprocity that enriches relationships.

One of the invaluable lessons I've gleaned about the Holy Spirit, who resides within me, is the unwavering trust I can place in Him to navigate both life's complexities and intricacies of human relationships. As Jesus ascended, He left us with a divine Helper, ensuring that we are never alone in our journeys. For the undeniable truth remains: people may falter, but God remains steadfast.

Given that the Holy Spirit is God dwelling within us, we possess the remarkable ability to seek His guidance on how best to navigate through a person or a situation. When we remain sensitive to the gentle prompting of the Holy Spirit, this navigation process unfolds with a remarkable sense of ease and assurance. The ultimate goal is to cultivate the wisdom to always discern the presence of God in every aspect of our lives.

We should not only recognize God in everything but also invite Him into every decision, every conversation, and every thought. It's the path to true effectiveness in our relationships. The reality is that we don't truly know people as much as we may think we do. However, God, the creator of people, knows every intricate detail about us. His love for us is unconditional, and when we ask Him for guidance on how to approach, relate, and deal with another person, He will unfailingly steer us in the right direction. That's His nature, a demonstration of His love.

Our task now is to remain sensitive to what He is asking of us in relation to people, ourselves, and most importantly, our relationship with Him.

Again, it's the grace of God that empowers me in navigating relationships and life, recognizing the uniqueness of each person's journey and the art of sowing seeds. Remember, you are not alone in managing problems and solutions, for people are the carriers of both. Additionally, God is love and love is the ultimate solution. We should always invite the Lord into every aspect of our lives, from decisions to conversations, allowing His guidance to shape our interactions. This revelation is about acknowledging God in others and letting them see God in you, a transformative journey through life.

Capture this revelation, let it guide your interactions, and watch how it transforms your relationships and your journey through life.

As I wrap up, I'd love to hear from you. Have you ever felt challenged in managing your relationships and connections? How have you navigated those challenges? Please share your feedback, experiences, or any advice you may have for me. Let's learn from each other and grow together. Thank you for reading this, I look forward to your valuable insights.

with love and anticipation,


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