The Extinction of Perfection

Thank you, Caren Wambui, for featuring me on your Youtube channel (again), as one of your "Self-Reflection Friday" guests to speak on "The Extinction of Perfection."

If you set a goal to clean your room in a week, your room will be clean in a week (as long as you stick to that goal). If you decide to start now and give yourself two hours to have it clean… you will have a clean room in two hours. But first, you must see the need to clean. The reality is, just like our messy room, it’s unlikely to attain a higher desired standard without acknowledging and accepting our current state in order to take the necessary steps in this road to “perfection.” It takes work, time, and a set mind for this kind of journey. We go from perfection to perfection as long as we press on towards the mark. In two hours, your room could be much cleaner than it was but if you spend an additional two hours deep cleaning, imagine the level of cleanliness you will achieve. The extinction of perfection is all about letting go of the idea and pressure of operating on a level that is beyond us at the moment, and instead giving ourselves permission to navigate this life as our true authentic selves, which is what truly matters and what’s effective. Free yourself from this idea that you, being the flawed you, isn’t enough or wanted. Always aim to be a better version of yourself because you’re going to continue growing and evolving as long as you’re alive. However, in order to grow and evolve efficiently, practice being present and clear about who you are and where you are. The favor, lifestyle, and reward that comes with a commitment to authenticity means so much more to yourself, others, and most importantly, God. Plain and simple, choose to always come as you are. POLLY